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I haven’t posted in a long, long time. I’ve just been too darn sick. But now I’m better and looking forward to the future. I’ve been busy nonetheless. I’m finishing off my new book, working title: “The Mystery Of Pain,” but I think it will go out into the world as “Walking Through The Valley Of Pain,” subtitled “A Journey In 365 Days.” I’ve worked on it for almost two years. It is a devotional (in other words, a quotation with commentary for every day of the year) written specially for people who battle chronic pain. Chronic pain needs encouragement for every day of the year: it saps your life force all the time, so you have to replenish all the time. In fact, before you can even start replenishing, you have to come to terms with what is happening to you in the first place. I cast the net wide. I have used quotations from everywhere. Any word of wisdom (or piece of scientific research) that can serve as inspiration was fair game. I then added my own comment, and ended with a prayer for the day. This I did 365 times. I’m exhausted but very satisfied. Now I pray that it might actually help people. I haven’t decided yet whether I’m going to self-publish or submit it to a publishing house. Frankly, I’m out of patience with the outrageously long response times of most of the big houses. How long does it take to read five pages of a manuscript and toss it into the trash? Six months? Give me a break. But, as the presidential candidates say, I haven’t decided yet. So here’s my little post, and stay tuned!

I’d like to attribute the pumpkin: Photo by Free Nature Stock from StockSnap
Gerhard Venter

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