At last, some intelligent comments about pain medication

Originally posted on April 3, 2013

Michael A. Weiss talks about pain medication

At last, some intelligent comments about pain medication. From a patient, obviously.

“With Chronic Illness usually comes chronic pain. There are many ways to deal with Pain but the most effective and immediate methods usually involve Narcotic Pain Medications. However, the Medical Practice of Pain Management is extremely complex and Narcotics can sometimes create a chronic problem all unto itself as the Patient battles to stay within the confines of “Dependency” as opposed to “Addiction.”

This is the intelligent and eminently reasonable voice of Michael A. Weiss, a chronic pain sufferer, who speaks about the reality of pain medicine dependency. This is a reality in every pain sufferer’s life, and I recommend you listen carefully to what Michael has to say. Since we approach this and every other issue from a Christian point of view, one could add a great deal of prayer and meditation to pondering the issues that Michael mentions. Chronic pain sufferers really need tons of wisdom to navigate through the currents of their particular imposed lifestyle.

Gerhard Venter

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