I am not Homo Sapiens. I am Homo Spiritualis.

Just watched a documentary titled “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” about the incredible cave discovered at Chauvet in France in 1994 – one whose rock paintings are almost twice as old (30,000 to 32,000 years) as those of the famous Lascaux caves. Why do I blog about this? Well it took a Frenchman to utter one of the deepest thoughts I’ve heard. Homo Sapiens is a misnomer, he said.  Men know nothing.  What came into being at Chauvet (in contrast with the Neanderthals, who drew or sculpted nothing) was homo spiritualis.  As of today, I quit homoanity sapiens and I regard myself as homo spiritualis.  I know nothing, but I suspect a lot of stuff that’s not of this baffling physical world.
Gerhard Venter

Author: Gerhard Venter

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