The Narrator

One of the Karanga kings, contemporary of Descartes and/or Nostradamus. The narrator is not omniscient or omnipresent, but he has one big advantage – he has partial access to the mind of the protagonist. He is also able to be in places other than the protagonist, and flit there instantaneously. The narrator is in purgatory where souls continue their struggles. The narrator is not aware of God, but on one occasion wonders into a Great Presence which leaves him weak and disoriented. A complete cosmology needs to be constructed. Heaven, hell, angels and demons need to be named out of an Africa perspective. Some of these concepts are expressed out as whittled forms made by the woodcarver. The narrator witnesses original sin. He meets celestial creatures much more powerful than he. Since the story begins with the narrator’s death, he will have to have his mystical experience after he dies. Make a post about the Nostradamus beings and the scroll around the earth, etc.
Gerhard Venter

Author: Gerhard Venter

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