Trials of the writing life

I’m not getting the spontaneity I need in order to produce decent prose by editing and editing and bloody editing. I’m going to have to redo the plot and simply add the nice bits I have back in. Also I’m not going to do so much soul-baring. That gets in the way of a good story. Nobody cares anyway; they want to read a good story. Further, I’m letting go a bit of the high-falutin’ artsy fartsy approach. Did I mention people want to read a good story? Here’s what happened: I lost my momentum by applying editorial procedures to prose that would be better suited to poetry.In the process I lost the fluidity of storytelling; the camp fire effect. Well, I vow to get back to the camp fire. I want children in tears because it’s bedtime and the story must be paused. No really. I can do that. In fact, I have . . .
Gerhard Venter

Author: Gerhard Venter

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  1. My apologies for this late reply – I’ve been unwell for a while and neglected my blog. I thank you for your kind remarks. I promise to take up my blogging again as soon as possible. I am collecting my blogs in a book that will probably be named “The Mystery of Pain” and will be available on “real soon now.”

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