Finally … Gerhard’s 8 Rules of Writing

Now for the event you probably thought you wouldn’t see in your lifetime: Gerhard’s writing rules! Who is this Gerhard, you ask? Well, never mind. Let’s just say he’s smart enough to summarize all the big writers’ rules for you. However – there is a little concession to my own unique situation in my rules. Here they are:

  1. Write when you can
  2. Don’t write when you can’t
  3. Don’t fret when you can’t write.
  4. All work except writing is a form of procrastination
  5. Work in the present. There is no future or past when you’re writing.
  6. You’ve read and internalized the rules. Now forget about them.
  7. However, keep on reading about writing.
  8. Writing is life. The rest is slow death.

Once a word has been allowed to escape, it cannot be recalled. Horace

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Gerhard Venter

Author: Gerhard Venter

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